Hello! I am a doublebass player from Germany,

in the order of “steps in time” I am a jazz musician, improviser, player of different latin american and balkan music styles, orchestra player, contemporary music interpreter and performer of modern music theatre. The concept of musical genres feels more and more strange to me. My compositions tend to be performance concepts.

See here some of the concerts I like to invite you.

A summary and older stuff is here

3., 4., 5. 10.22 8pm Esslingen Dieselstrasse PREMIERE “Hugo der Held” w Drei Orangen

27.08.22 8pm Duisburg Ruhrort Sommerfest w Gruppe Moment

25.8.22 5pm Essen – Steele Ruhrwiese w Gruppe Moment

06.08.22 7pm Essen Rabbit Hole Theater Sommerfest w Gruppe Moment

10.07.22 7pm Esslingen a. Neckar, Johanneskirche, works by Rutter, Mendelssohn

07.07.22 8pm Stuttgart, Kleiner Kursaal Bad Cannstadt, Jazz w. F. Vogel vl, H.F. Chen, pi

24.&25.06.22 7pm Stuttgart Werkstattfestival at HMDK, works by Lukas Stamm, J.Y. Will Kim, Brandon Snyder

04.06.22 6 pm Basel CH Ackermannshof – Festival “ATACCA”, Ferneyhough, Linenkämper, Neuwirth, D. Lang, W. Dougherty

17.02.22 8pm Essen Am-Vieh Theater – Laborbegegnungen #11 DAGEGEN –  w Gruppe Moment

20 – 25.10.21 7:30 pm Basel CH Gare du nord – senza ora – musictheatre w chambermusic by E. Seyedi, C.J. Walter, B. Maderna,

1.10.21 8pm Essen Blaues Rauschen Festival –  w Gruppe Moment

3.09.21 8pm Duisburg fringe Festival –  w Gruppe Moment

25.07.21 8pm Basel – Unternehmen Mitte – “Contest” w Drei Orangen

22.07.21 6-8pm Duisburg – Neumarkt Ruhrort – “Contest” w Drei Orangen

10/11.07.21 Berlin – börnestudio – Production “lurigraph II “, w Nikolas Wiese, Adam Goodwyn, Nicola Hein, Silke Lange -> get in contact to visit

30.06.21 6pm Köln StrassenGeister –  w Gruppe Moment

29.06.21 6pm Essen Kennedyplatz StrassenGeister –  w Gruppe Moment

26/27.06.21 Esslingen – Production “lurigraph I“, w Hanna Schörken, Thilo Ruck, Mark Kysela -> get in contact to visit

15. & 16.01.21 8pm Esslingen – Centraltheater – “Filmabend” Drei Orangen

11.12.20 8pm Augsburg – Villa – “Contest” Drei Orangen

10.12.20 8pm Düsseldorf – subsol – “Contest” Drei Orangen

09.12.20 8pm Duisburg – Ruhrort – “Contest” Drei Orangen (whole tour cancelled)

03. & 05.12.20 8pm Esslingen – Centraltheater – “Filmabend LAB” Drei Orangen

01.11.20 3pm Essen Grendplatz, 6pm Essen Kennedyplatz – crossmind Gruppe Moment

28.10.20 8pm Essen – tba – NEW PREMIERE preview Gruppe Moment

07.10.20 8pm Wuppertal Ort – soundtrips NRW w Michael Zerang & Irene Tomazin

29.08.20 9pm Nürtingen Beutesee openair “Tom&Bild” w Drei Orangen

28.08.20 9pm Esslingen Maillepark / Innere Brücke “Tom&Bild” w Drei Orangen

01.08.20 9pm Nürtingen Beutesee openair”Tom&Bild” w Drei Orangen

31.07.20 9pm Esslingen Maillepark / Innere Brücke “Tom&Bild” w Drei Orangen

09.07.20 8pm Esslingen Central Theater “Tom&Bild | workspace session” Drei Orangen

07.07.20 8pm Esslingen Central Theater “Tom&Bild | workspace session” Drei Orangen

05.07.20 8pm Esslingen Central Theater “Tom&Bild | workspace session” Drei Orangen — past:

15.,16.03.20 Zürich CH – (as guest) sonicspace Basel w Fred Frith – failing better

02.02.20 9pm Rostock – PWH – “Contest” Drei Orangen

31.01.20 8pm Mülheim a.d. Ruhr – Makroscope “Contest” Drei Orangen

30.01.20 8pm Münster – BlackBox – “Contest” Drei Orangen

26.01.20 6pm Boswil CH – Festival “flow”, performer/composer collider more info – Ensemble Boswil

17.01.20 8pm Wuppertal – Luisenkirche – Wuppertaler Improvisationsorchestra feat. dancer Felix Bürkle