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Creating musical and performative ideas and playing an instrument cannot be seperated for me. I have alsways written down musical ideas on sound, dramaturgy, structure.

In 2018 I had the opportunity to do a comosition/research project concerning improvising styles and science.

Graphical scores for musicians, dancers or visual arts have been created in processes of exchanging ideas and knowledge with scientists of very different professions.&nbsp

But what inspires us to play on? Scientists, who´s main subject is usually not art, are also driven by resarching for things and I feel this as a inspirational starting point for many “real-life” projects in the future.

Example of this work – after a interview on a specific topic and regarding structural facts in history of mankind with Prof. of HIstory Dr. habil Michael G. Esch: CONTEST

Thank you funding this projext Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in the framework of Individual Support for Artists (IFK), a project of ecce GmbH. Description (in German)