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Drei Orangen - Musik, Tanz, Film // Live

Improvised and modern music in a interdisciplinary perfromance is about to take place in Kulturzentrum Dieselstrasse near Stuttgart, – collaboration with other professions like dance and film. I am pleased to form a new ensemble projekt with drummer and vibraphonist Daniel Kartmann and other great artists from the region. See also the website

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Gruppe Moment

Gruppe Moment is a unique ensemble based in Rhein/Ruhr area. We play a mixed programm of improvised and composed music as a performance with modern dance.

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Composition project in Essen

From June – 2018 on, I am working on a research project concerning improvising styles and science.

Graphical scores for musicians, dancers or visual artists are being made. 

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Motte & Bass

A duo theatrical – music – performance for any age:
Anne Kathrin Klatt, performance actrice from Germany is a moth, who explores the world of a human.

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modern music playing in various constellations

2009„Ensemble Experimente“ Berlin/ Gerhard Scherer, 2011 „Ensemble Zeitfluss“  Graz „Steyrischer Herbst Festival“, 2011 und 2013 „work in progress“Berlin,2011 „Kabinettoper“, „Brückenfestival-Rostock“, 2012 Ensemble Musikfabrik/OrchesterzentrumNRW Festival Ruhrtiennale 2013 „Sinfonietta für Neue Musik“ Donaueschinger Musiktage, 2014 Klangspuren Schwaz, 2015  „Neuköllner Oper“ Berlin „Golem“ ( Antje Thierbach ob, Tobias Schwencke pi arr, and others), 2015 „Kammerphilharmonie Amadée“ „Sommerliche Musiktage Soest“, 2016 „8BrückenFestival Köln“, 2018 Berlin Opera Lab & Berliner Staatsoper

Other music: „Orchestre Europa, 2010 „ElectricCircus Sideshow“ Berlin/London, 2010 „Balkanova“ Berlin, 2014 „Bassmasse“ „Moers-Festival“2014 „Twighlight struggle project“ Renée Baker „Art Sound Festival Berlin“, 2016 „Nano Festival Essen“, 2017+2018 jazz@large Stuttgarter Theaterhaus

OLGAR : conceptimpro-trio

Christoph Scherbaum – guitar, Stefan Schäfer – projection(non-digital)/day-light projector, Daniela Petry – kontrabass.

Very minimal soundpainting improvisations audio/visual trio.

Christoph and me play together since we are teenagers, he and Stefan started working together while studying in Amsterdam. We follow a improv dramaturgy with the help of cards, but what happens as an iteraction between light and sound is always an additional layer. Some concert documentations for Olgar as a trio exists, please send me an email for further infos.

Die Letzte Derniere (2011-2013)

Improvisations on „abstract scores“ in a group process on pieces of composers we like (such as K.Huber, R.Saunders, G.Scelsi, J.Cage, S.Scodanibbio, M.Feldman) in order to search for  the difference between improv and composition in a live context.

Nora Krahl – vcl, Sidney Corbett – git, Daniela Petry – kontrabass, Matthias Bauer/ Margarethe Meierhofer-Lischka – kontrabass, Jason Levis – dr/perc

LISTEN: Our Soundcloud

SEE: Our website

Spelunkenorchester (2010-2011)

Jazz/New music septett (str-quartett+jazzpianotrio) released on Konnex-rec.

Compositions by drummer Beat Freisen and violaplayer Johannes Dittmar

Violin: Rodrigo Bauzá(ARG), Marjolaine Locher(FR)

Piano: Dimitrij Golovanov(LT)

Cello: Hui-Chun Lin (TW)

Strings playing jazz, drummer composing fuges for stingtrio, everybody not discussing about what music to play but what coloures of all syles would fit.

SEE: Some photos from the bflat-gig in summer 2010.

Electric Circus Sideshow (2009-2012)

Electropop-band released on PerfectToy records

Vocals: Earl Zinger(UK),Bev Lee Harling(UK), Hugo Race(AUS)

Sax+vocals: Steve Moss

Prod.+git: Stefan Rogall(GER)

Drums: Achim Färber(GER),

the crazyness of pop in each track and in the whole thing itself: 4 singers, producer playing guitar and drummer of „die krupps“..madhouse is nothing compared to us on tour.

JAAD (2008-2010)

Newmusic/jazz/worldmusic  – stringquartett

Violin: Johanna Hernandez(VE), Anwar Alam(PK)

Cello: Aki Matusch(JP)

JAAD met in Bayreuth, did film music recordings, a swisstour and several gigs all over Germany, and cooked some crazy dishes together.

Berlin-Bahia (2004-2010)

Clubmusic+folk from brazil released on Berlin-Global/ Piranha-music.

Vocals: Samirah Al-Amrie(YE),Tita Lima(BR),Daniel Arruda(BR)

Git+laptop: Ben Aschenbach

Vibraphone: Oli Bott

Percussion: Fabiano Lima

Drums+electronics: André Seidel

Berlin-Bahia was my first producing experience, started acoustically and turned into a project with not only with lots of electronics on stage, but making me sitting in front of the computer nights and nights.
SEE: the musicvideo we did on the green hills of Berlin-Mitte.

desp (2004-2006)

Jazz/freeimpro band.

Sax/flute: Edith Steyer(GER)

Piano: Peer Neumann(SU/GER)

Drums: Tuomas Ojala(SU)

Compositions by edith and myself in beetween of free playing – great concept that always destroyed the plan for the compositions, let´s say … creatively!

Orchestre Europa (2003-2005)

Folk from all over europe, released on Laika Rec.

Guitar: Frank Wuppinger, Andreas Wiersich

Akkordeon: Wolfgang Lell

Percussion: Roland Duckarm

Berliner JungendJazzOrchester (2000-2002)

Back then it was a perfect start to meet many inspired young musicians from the jazzworld.

Conductors: Alex v.Schlippenbach and Georg Ruby.

Bdellai (1997-1999)

Rock/hardcore music out of the garage.

Guitar: Roman Schulze, Florian Wursack

Drums: Gregor


I didn’t know any note by name on my instrument, but still we rocked the clubs and some school-partys.