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Daniela Petry was born in 1982 and grew up in Berlin.

From her late teenage years she was not only part of the Berlin Jazz scene, but was also exploring different genres. Above all, she has always been a player of improvised music. Also with pop and world music bands she was playing in local festivals and toured europe.

She holds a Diploma in classical music performance since 2013, studied the “master of contemporary music performance” in Basel, did orchestra playing in the Darmstadt Theatre and Berliner Staatsoper among others.

Other interests in culture and socio-political issues led not only to studiing culture – sciences (HU Berlin 2007 – 10) and philosophy (HHU Düsseldorf 2013 – 15). She more and more developed a special interest as ensemble player and composer:

She creates concept based improvised structures which have concrete dedications to social or scientific topics. These are put into music, dance or video within performances by many influences from her work in music theatre and opera stage pieces.


Performance / Ensemblework: See projects below on the VITA&WORKS page!

In other projects, she played these following collaborations among many:

Contemporary composed:

Graz „Steyrischer Herbst Festival“,

Ensemble Musikfabrik “Ruhrtiennale”,

Klangspuren Schwaz,

Neuköllner Oper“ Berlin „Golem“,

„8BrückenFestival Köln“,

Berlin Opera Lab

Berliner Staatsoper “Ti vedo, ti sento, mi perdo” (S. Sciarrino),

taktlos festival Zürich


Other music:

„Orchestre Europa,

ElectricCircus Sideshow“ Berlin/London,

„Balkanova Ensemble“ Berlin,


jazz@large Stuttgarter Theaterhaus

Wuppertaler Improvisations Orchester

Contemporary solo pieces Daniela loves to play are:

Valentine (Druckman), Fury (Saunders), Zwölf (Poppe), Ein Hauch von Unzeit (K. Huber), psy (Berio), Ryoanji (Cage), Music for.. (Cage), Motivi (Tabakov), Alisei (Scodanibbio)

RECENT & ongoing WORKS 


are listed below:


Creating musical and performative ideas and playing an instrument cannot be seperated for me. I have always written down musical ideas on sound, dramaturgy, structure.

While in my 20s I composed “real notes” for my jazz quartett and world music string ensemeble I tend to have more fun with creating improvising structures now.

Read more and see current and past examples

Drei Orangen | music, dance, video - performance programmes

Video, dance, music in a interdisciplinary performances since 2017. Main base of creation is the “Dieselstrasse” theatre in the lovely city of Esslingen near Stuttgart. See also the website

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Gruppe Moment | compositions, choreography, improvisation

Gruppe Moment is a unique ensemble based in Rhein/Ruhr area. We play a mixed programme of improvised and composed music as a performance with modern dance.

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Motte & Bass | Duo theatre - piece for any age

A duo theatrical – music – performance for any age:
Anne Kathrin Klatt, performance actrice from Germany is a moth, who explores the world of a human.
I plac improvised music inspired by Jazz and composers such as G. Scelsi, S.Scodanibbio, R.Saunders and others
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OLGAR | electronics, bass, projections

Christoph Scherbaum – guitar, Stefan Schäfer – projection(non-digital)/day-light projector, Daniela Petry – kontrabass.

Very minimal soundpainting improvisations audio/visual trio.

Christoph and me play together since we are teenagers, he and Stefan started working together while studying in Amsterdam – they invited me as a guest to the duo.

They follow a improv dramaturgy with the help of cards, but what happens as an iteraction between light and sound is always an additional layer. Some concert documentations for Olgar as a trio exists, please send me an email for further infos.

Die Letzte Derniere (2011-2013) | improv on cont. compositions

Improvisations on „abstract scores“ in a group process on pieces of composers we like (such as K.Huber, R.Saunders, G.Scelsi, J.Cage, S.Scodanibbio, M.Feldman) in order to search for  the difference between improv and composition in a live context.

Nora Krahl – vcl, Sidney Corbett – git, Daniela Petry – kontrabass, Matthias Bauer/ Margarethe Meierhofer-Lischka – kontrabass, Jason Levis – dr/perc

LISTEN: On Soundcloud

SEE: Our website

Electric Circus Sideshow (2009-2012) | pop band from GER/UK/AUS

Electropop – and a little swing – band released on PerfectToy records

Vocals: Earl Zinger(UK),Bev Lee Harling(UK), Hugo Race(AUS)

Sax+vocals: Steve Moss

Prod.+git: Stefan Rogall(GER)

Drums: Achim Färber(GER),

the crazyness of pop in each track and in the whole thing itself: 4 singers, producer playing guitar and drummer of „die krupps“..madhouse is nothing compared to us on tour.

JAAD (2008-2010) | string quartett playing world music

Newmusic/jazz/worldmusic  – stringquartett

Violin: Johanna Hernandez(VE), Anwar Alam(PK)

Cello: Aki Matusch(JP)

JAAD met in Bayreuth, did film music recordings, a swisstour and several gigs all over Germany, and cooked some crazy dishes together.

Berlin-Bahia (2004-2010) | brazilian clubsounds

Clubmusic+folk from brazil released on Berlin-Global/ Piranha-music.

Vocals: Samirah Al-Amrie(YE),Tita Lima(BR),Daniel Arruda(BR)

Git+laptop: Ben Aschenbach

Vibraphone: Oli Bott

Percussion: Fabiano Lima

Drums+electronics: André Seidel

Berlin-Bahia was my first producing experience, started acoustically and turned into a project with not only with lots of electronics on stage, but making me sitting in front of the computer nights and nights.

LISTEN: On soundcloud
SEE: the musicvideo we did on the green hills of Berlin-Mitte.

desp (2004-2006) | jazz quintett

Jazz/freeimpro band.

Sax/flute: Edith Steyer(GER)

Piano: Peer Neumann(SU/GER)

Drums: Tuomas Ojala(SU)

Compositions by edith and myself in beetween of free playing – great concept that always destroyed the plan for the compositions, let´s say … creatively!

Orchestre Europa (2003-2005) | balkan jazz

Folk from all over europe, released on Laika Rec.

Guitar: Frank Wuppinger, Andreas Wiersich

Akkordeon: Wolfgang Lell

Percussion: Roland Duckarm

Berliner JungendJazzOrchester (2000-2002) | experimantal big-band

Back then it was a perfect start to meet many inspired young musicians from the jazzworld.

Conductors: Alex v.Schlippenbach and Georg Ruby.

Bdellai (1997-1999) | weired hardcore rock music

Rock/hardcore music out of the garage.

Guitar: Roman Schulze, Florian Wursack

Drums: Gregor


I didn’t know any note by name on my instrument, but still we rocked the clubs and some school-partys.