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NEWS 1/21: lurigraph is a project funded by a scholarship NEUSTARTKULTUR/musikfonds. Graphical structures of contemporary chambermusic pieces by Giacinto Scelsi, Samir Odeh Tamimi and Alfred Jimenez  

will be interpreted by improvisers from the three areas in germany I am mainly working in: Ruhrgebiet, Berlin, Swabia /Stuttgart region. See the dates list for when and who. The recorded material will be released. Very much looking forward.


Creating musical and performative ideas and playing an instrument cannot be seperated for me. I have always written down musical ideas on sound, dramaturgy, structure.

While in my 20s I composed „real notes“ for my jazz quartett and world music string ensemeble I tend to have more fun with improvising structures now.

In my two scholarships 2016 „Präsenz for Ort“ and 2018 „Individuelle Künstlerförderung“ I also had the opportunity to develop these compositional ideas as a main interest.

I am happy to share some examples with you. If you wish, get in contact about it with me!
Have fun to try it and keep me informed about any ideas and outcome!

IXDP – for at least 3 musicians and/ or dancers. Title is named after a team of software product – designers from germany. The way they described their working methods became this instruction.
The whole concept as PDF is here:IXDP komplett
Programmierung – for interdisciplinary ensemble of any number, at least 1 dancer or light/video artist, at least 2 musicians. Reflection on the golem saga, a relationship between humans/tech & master/servant:

Los – for two or more players of music, dance, theatre. Mirror of our everyday journey of giving power to others while keeping only as much control as necessary.